About Me!

Believe it or not, I actually find
a lot of comfort and "me-time" in my
office space. I love tapping on my computer keys and bringing my
ideas to life. Jotting down messages and scriptures in my notebook
inspires me to do more, create
more, BE more! I truly enjoy
perfecting my craft and strengthening areas that need attention, not only in my personal life but in my professional life as well. Having an occupation that encourages me to grow my faith in God as I remind others to do the same, is a real win-win! Just give me a HUGE cup of Starbucks (preferably Chocolate Mint) along with my favorite throw blanket and I'm ready to take on the world,lol.

Image by LUM3N
Image by Bekky Bekks

Ok, So Here's Some *Bullet  Point* Stuff For Ya! :-)


*Founder of L.O.A.D.D. 

*Author of "A Sip Of Light"

*Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach

*International Association of Coaching Member

*Served as an Inspirational Advisor for Entrepreneurs

*Currently Giving back as a Volunteer Crisis Coach