Conduct/Ethics/Standards - LOADD's Professional Life Coaching Commitment

As a professional life coach, I commit to upholding life coaching industry standards for ethics, including those outlined below:

Scope of Coaching

- Clearly communicate to clients and ensure that they understand the differences between life coaching and therapy

- Communicate the limits of coaching, as life coaches are not trained to diagnose or treat any form of mental illness
- Clearly communicate the role of both the life coach and the client in the coaching relationship. 
- Sign a coaching agreement with all clients prior to the first session. Include the information discussed above as well as financial agreements, expectations for both coach and client, and LOADD's termination policy
- Refrain from coaching clients under the age of 18 without the written consent of a parent or guardian


- Ensure that my qualifications are clear and honest, including career experience, expertise, and training
- Uphold and respect the coach/client relationship

- Refrain from making any claims of results or implications of outcomes that I cannot demonstrate or guarantee 


- Treat all clients and potential clients of all backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, religion, nation of origin, gender, sexuality, or any other characteristic, with positive regard, respect, and dignity
- Maintain, store and dispose of any records, whether through electronic communications, in printed form or electronic files, created as a result of your coaching relationship in a manner that protects your clients’ confidentiality, privacy and security and complies with any applicable agreements and laws

- Obtain written permission from any client before using their names in testimonials or references
- Disclose, upfront, that in the event your client displays or discloses intent to harm themselves or others, I (LOADD) is required to report to the authorities.