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Scripture states that we are to cast our
burdens upon the Lord and He will
sustain us (Psalm 55:22). When we 
unload all of our worries, and REST in
the seat of His promises, we are

choosing to live a life of abundance rather
than being distracted by anxiety-driven
emotions. So, here's to a fresh state of mind
and a life full of purpose & hope...
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Take A Seat and Rest!
Emotional fatigue can easily set in when
your mind becomes bombarded with
thoughts of past failures, present distress,
and concerns about the future. God never
promised that life would be easy, yet He

never intended for us to carry a heavy
load of fear and uncertainty either.


Free Resources to Help Make A Difference

Emotional Management 

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The Driver Seat

Steer Your Emotions

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3 Minute Rescue

Take A Timeout

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End Negative Talk

Safeguard Your Mind

      Ready to Challenge Yourself?

Palm Tree Challenge

God placed "bounce back" inside all of us... 

We are much stronger, more resilient than we know. Scripture tells us that "A righteous man shall flourish like the palm tree" (Psalm 92:12). And just like this flexible tree, we are able to spring back and withstand any storm that comes our way through Christ Jesus. I challenge you to be like the palm tree and keep a victory mindset.

Are you up for the challenge...

If so, join our club and private Facebook group "Palm Tree Club". Here, you'll find inspirational content that will not only inspire you but help to remind you that success (and a sound mind) are deeply rooted in the way we think and what we believe!


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Do It with Purpose & Passion!
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A Passionate Coach With A Purpose...
Hi I'm Sabrina, and I serve as a Mental Health & Mindset Coach, Author, Writer, Founder of LOADD, and a passionate follower of Christ! I specialize in showing others how to MASTER their mindset & emotions, which ultimately leads to better choices and decision making. I use Biblical principles paired with Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to help people gain control of the issues that cause anxiety and stress. Inspiring others to live their very best life and to walk in their God-given purpose, is a mission that I take great pride in. If you're ready to begin your transformational journey, I'm here to help you get started! 

"Flip the Lens"... Change Your View!

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Eye Exam

I'm sure you've sat behind a Phoroptor a few times at your eye doctor's office. The practitioner asks "which looks better...this one or that one" as he "flips the lenses" of the machine. In response, you naturally choose the lens that feels most comfortable to you, the one that gives you a clear vision...right? Well, if we can do this so naturally in the physical, why is it so difficult for us to apply this concept emotionally and spiritually? When life becomes overwhelming, why do we choose to "focus" on such a negative, foggy view of our life events? Let's remember that we have an option to "Flip the Lens" and begin to see our challenges in a whole new light. I have spent many years strengthening this area of my life and I'd love to share my methods and the things I've learned with you! 

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" Because carrying the hope for abundant living is
much lighter than carrying the heavy load of fear."
 ~ Sabrina Hydrick